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Writing about Infrastructure and Software Engineering
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Benjamin's specialty is keeping the lights on for mission critical systems. He is currently building applications that enable high concurrency financial transactions.

Recently Benjamin published his first book; Red Hat Enterprise Linux Troubleshooting Guide. In addition to writing, he has several Open Source projects focused on making Ops easier. These projects include Automatron, a project enabling auto-healing infrastructure for the masses.



Easy Container Cleanup in Cron + Docker Environments

Published on: 2018-01-30 | 6 min read

Using the Add-Host Flag for DNS Mapping within Docker Containers

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Adjusting Linux Kernel Parameters with Docker Compose

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3 Different Ways to Provide Docker Build Context

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Eliminate the Database for Higher Availability

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Using Docker Push to Publish Images to Docker Hub

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Understanding Dockers CMD and ENTRYPOINT Instructions

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Leveraging the dockerignore File to Create Smaller Images

Published on: 2017-05-18 | 7 min read

Using stunnel and TinyProxy to obfuscate HTTP traffic

Published on: 2017-04-15 | 9 min read

Using Docker Behind a Proxy

Published on: 2017-03-28 | 7 min read

Improving Linux System Performance with I/O Scheduler Tuning

Published on: 2017-02-08 | 9 min read

Tuning PostgreSQL with pgbench

Published on: 2017-01-05 | 10 min read

Getting Every Microsecond Out of uWSGI

Published on: 2016-12-07 | 12 min read

Performance Tuning HAProxy

Published on: 2016-11-15 | 11 min read
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Red Hat Enterprise Linux Troubleshooting Guide

Identify, capture and resolve common issues faced by Red Hat Enterprise Linux administrators using best practices and advanced troubleshooting techniques

What people are saying:
Excellent, excellent resource for practical guidance on how to troubleshoot a wide variety of problems on Red Hat Linux. I particularly enjoyed how the author made sure to provide solid background and practical examples. I have a lot of experience on Red Hat but still came away with some great practical tools to add to my toolkit. - Amazon Review
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