performance tuning

Improving Linux System Performance with I/O Scheduler Tuning

Let's adjust a Linux I/O scheduler to get the best performance out of a Linux system. We'll measure the impact of those changes with `pgbench`.

Tuning PostgreSQL with pgbench

To answer the challenges of tuning a database, let's explore `pgbench`, a benchmarking tool used to measure performance of a PostgreSQL instance.

Getting Every Microsecond Out of uWSGI

Going further down the stack in our performance-tuning series, let's explore tuning a Python application running via uWSGI.

Performance Tuning HAProxy

Let's explore some performance-tuning concepts and walk through some tuning options for HAProxy, installing and configuring HAProxy as a load balancer.

Pregenerating Static Web Pages for Better Performance

Let's increase our web application's performance by pregenerating the results of our "dynamic" pages and saving those results into a file cache.

Tuning NGINX for Better Performance

Here's how to tune an out-of-the-box instance of NGINX to get more out of an already high-performance web server with a few common NGINX tuning parameters.